How to Install Google Play Store in Blackberry Mobile.

It's wonderful! YouTube/Internet by popular demand. Here's a read on the Blackberry 10, Android runtime environment and how to get Google Play services on your blackberry tension. Advice, there's still a thriving community of blackberry users that are holding on to their devices. Until it's very last legs. And a lot of people in this community where people that have always been curious about blackberries, are trying to get some of their favorite Android apps onto the Blackberry 10 devices, what you may or may not know. There's actually an active Android runtime environment eventually 4.3 running on the Blackberry 10 operating system. So what,that means   there's a lot of apps  may use regularly on Android during work on your Blackberry 10 device. 
This is great news for a lot of users who are insisted on using their qwerty keyboard handsets. So, in order to use a lot of the Android apps  you can need to be able to run Google Play services.Then to do this, you're going to need to install a Specially modified version of the Play services packages and that has been designed to work for the black lightning light of the Moon, Shadow on the Cobalt for creating this version of longer you'll find a link for that package in the Google play store link below. Simply download them onto your computer or directly from your blackberry and make sure that in your downloads folder. So once you have the files on your blackberry, open them up in your file manager, and you'll see the 

Your APK is that you'll need to install. The first one will be installing is Cobalts mobile network. So click on that one and install it. 

Once that's done, you'll need to install the Google Account app. So go back to the file manager and install the Google account APK. 

Accounts installed, you need to install the Google Play Store app. So head over to the Google vending APK and install that APK. 

Once that's done, we can install the Google games apk, just in case, you're planning  any game on the Google Play Store on your blackberry. 

Next, you want to install the, Google Plus whitelist APK. 

And then after that, you'll want to install the Google settings APK. 

The next step is a very important one, which is your blackberry Google ID, this will link up your blackberry to your Google account. 

Once you have this APK install, you want to open it up as you can start to log in your blackberry ID, as well as your Google account as well. So install, the Blackberry Google ID APK and opened up from your home screen here. You get prompted to register. This device can also to input your Google account into the Blackberry if you have an existing one simply Your email and password into the field, you should be able to move forward. I'll just punch my Google ID into the Blackberry year to the sign in screen which may take a few months. 

Sitting next to the few. Next few menus here to continue the Blackberry Google ID. Drink up from here, you can fire up the Google Play Store from your home screen. You might get this white screen or a May crash a few times. Or may tell you that you can require Google Play services to continue. Just keep pushing through or hit cancel or reset. Your blackberry few times and the Google Play Store, shouldn't hold up his end. 

At this point once you've installed all the HP case. So there you have it folks working. Google Play services, and a Google Play Store on BlackBerry 10 devices. If you like this video, leave a message down below. Don't forget to follow. 
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