Moto edge 30 ultra and edge 30 fusion 200 megapixels camera.


The smartphone's. Unbeatable better cameras, definitely, and maybe more premium design, right? I know a lot of you feel the same way. Well, Motorola seems to agree, because these have more pre-made designs. And this the mode, uh, 30 Ultra tacks are 200 mega pixel camera. That's right. Not to know that I will talk about the moderator, diffusion, but this deserves to be talked about first, right? So, this is the H real try, and just check out the camera on this phone. These are the specs. And I like the high results of wide camera and the twins. 

2x telephoto and ported camera, especially because of its wide. F 1.6 aperature. But the Highlight here is the main camera which is the Samsung hp-1 sensor with the F 1.9 aperature 0IS. And obviously this is the 200 mega pixel camera apart from the fact that this camera can take 200 megapixel photos. But also matters is that this is a big sensor uses size compared to the iPhone 14 Pros, forty eight megapixel sensor or even the s22, Walters hundred and eight megapixel sensor, and you can see that the 200 mega pixel. 
Synthesized is bigger. I mean, the bigger then sensor, the more light it can take. So this is good. The HP one even has the biggest Big Sur size after pics of bending. As you can see, this is size of pieces eyes aren't as big as a the g into Sense on the xiaomi live in Ultra, but it's still impressive as using the 200 mega pixel camera by default. It uses 16 to 1, pixel, painting to shoot 12.5. Will be some photos, and there's no major shutter lag or anything you can also take 200 mega pixel shots, why at this node, which does take a bit of processing time. Also, The size of a 200 megapixel photo is around 20 to 30 MB, which makes sense. It's mean, this is a 12 megapixel photo and you can see that there's a lot of detail. Even when you zoom in this much, do I delete the photos in the usual photo mode and the photo so far, look pretty good. The details are obviously really, really good. I mean, let's just zoom in on this photo and such as the details. The camera also captures a lot of light in low light situations. Now here's a more photos from the 12 megapixel camera and yes me get a better idea once we compare this to competition. But yes 

God before does it look good on the video from the HDR to have support for 8K? And there's also HDR 10 video recording sport. I also like the fact that the camera app is better, for example:it shows the focal length in the portrait mode. You can choose from 35 m, 50 m, which is obviously very valuable and uses the 2x telephoto lens, or you can go with 85 M. Now, I did take supported more shots, and there is some phase smoothing at times, but other than that, things are actually good. The front camera is also high resolution, 16, megapixel sensor and I took selfies in the recommended. In Europe is more at the photos are pretty sharp and detailed. In terms of videos, the front camera supports 4K video recording which is awesome. And make sense for a flagship phone. The distinct a about the h30 ultra is a flagship phone and first fault. This looks fantastic. Do I love this black? We did, we have, I mean, the Mad Gorilla, Glass fiber, mat looks and feels amazing. I like the subtle pattern around the 200 mega pixel camera. The Sleek aluminium frame, the curved display, the Dolby Atmos branding, everything just as to the premium Viber on this phone. Having said, 

The reason why I call this a flagship is not just due to its good looks. It's because of this tax. The full have the lead is eight plus GN 1 chips, ADT Blvd of five RAM, and 128. GB of give asleep on one storage. The 4 also has a large Vapor team of cooling system to match these specs. See we've had a good experience with a position one for. So I'm expecting the same from the h30 ultra. That is based op into. This is a six point six inch mainly to be wallet. Curved display with the 144 has refresh rate. A petabyte is a 12 15 eights, an idiot. The spot. Now, this is not an MTP orbital but this is what smooth has been restored. Experience is optimized for the 144 hours straight and it shows the display is also pride and as all the old and want to kiss movies and shows look awesome but you won in the phone, does have dual stereo speakers with sound good. The battery is a 4,600 enemies battery, which is fine, but the Highlight is the fact that the phone comes with this 125, what turbocharger? It's a USB  charger and it's obviously so far. 

I'm in charge of the full 200 person is on 20 minutes which is actually awesome. These are, you are also has support for 50 watt, fast, wireless charging. And is also 10 watt, reverse power sharing, which makes sense in a flagship. This off experience is obviously nice and clean, but there are some changes in the UI. There's a new phone to your. And I've noticed that Motorola has a beta test app icons. I also like this new adapt widget, which shows you the weather clock battery. There's also the ready for widget which works wirelessly on the ultra as well as diffusion and then they all the Moto 

And then gestures and Lighting on both phones for notifications and Cox apartment is the Moto E, 30, Ultra, and the motor start if you Have no ads, no bloatware, it's all clean, and they come with think she's hot. And there's also motor strong box, which is a Hardware security cam, protect sensitive data and stops hardware-based. A bring in terms of these, your truck will get 300 of these and four years of security patches while the fusion will get 200 updates and three years security patches. So, that was pretty much all about the estadio de, but there's also the very good. So, diffusion, this is the phone and don't go by its Fusion branding. I see that because he is 20 Fusion, was a mid-range smartphone this or the other. And is are more premium smartphone. It's mean, I should be clear by the looks because this looks fantastic. We have this gold buried in the Sealy. Cool matte finish that feels a lot like satin. I love the gray motor logo and the Motorola takes on the back and I like this pattern around the cameras. I also like the freemen sunglasses aluminium and store be at most Daniel on the top plus. I love how sleek and noises phone is. It's mean you can see the pain 7.4 me which side, right? He's also be told in the hand because it was 75 grams of weight. Now like the other of these two has a curved screen with Unified. 

Bases, all around and that definitely has the whole bring white. See, this is one good-looking smart phone, and the school design is IP 52 rated. But there is no headphone jack, no, MicroSD slot and there's the wireless charging last. You speak is here, which are fairly loud and good. Another design about, let's talk about the specs. So here are all the specs of the usual diffusion, and if it wasn't clear that, this is a high-end phone, these pegs should make that. Certain the food has a powerful snapping triplet plus chipset the 144 Hertz 10 bit curved people at the 50 megapixel Main I'm with O is a 4400 mAh battery with fast. 16 what charging the specs are good at the Triple E plus chipset means that this is afford, it feels very fast and very smooth and everything is responsive and gaming is topic to another spots. The phone is also due to the 144 hours display because the UI just floors. The Puritan is also great for watching movies and shows because this is a bright display and is very vibrant coming to The Cabins. The 50 megapixel camera with auto is, take some very good shots. Most of the photos look, sharp and nice with good colors between Reed. I'm and low light. 

Not even just in the cabin is more but I also like the da so diffusion neither passport for 80 videos on the rear and cooking videos from the front cap but comes to connectivity moderator. Real transfusion have taught in five commands that inconvenience IG bands. Both these phones also have Wi-Fi 60 BC, a Cadillac negation sport, 4x4 mimo birth, 5.2 like it was them have fast USB 3.1 ports. Both these phones have these new eco-friendly boxes and yeah, I like smoothest of removing. 

You'd like if you're in your body for the motor, inside your car costs 59 triple 9 at the moto. Inter-diffusion cost 14 July. However, during the big deal in d.c. in the ultra will be available for. He's 54, triple nine and eight thirty Fusion will be available for the PC 39 to 49 plus maybe some green band is Council. Yeah, that makes the price includes both of these phones have good specs, the prize, but I think it's clear that Motorola has focused more on the design and Gamble's. What is most lucrative? Really creamy matte, very different to the other more phones that have arrived awfully. I also like to focus on cameras, I mean I'm yet to extensively tested 200 megapixel sensor on the 8:30 Ultra. But yeah, it'll be interesting to see how it performs. I want to know from you guys. What do you think about the new Moto X, 30, Ultra and motivator diffusion at the prices. Comment below know how to give this post, like make sure to share it, and follow  to our website for more amazing post's and do not forget that. Well, I can thanks for reading. I'll see you next one. 

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