main ne khwabon ka shajr dekha ha.میں نے خوابوں کا شجر دیکھا ہے


I have seen the tree of dreams

 foreword !

 Recognition is a problem for popular fiction writers like me. Millions of people may read and know us and our writings, but our writings are never discussed in literary circles. Just as children are not allowed to sit in the gatherings of adults. Literature and people related to it have created great facilities for us by removing us from our ranks. It brought us closer to common people. Let me say that the common man today reads me and writers like me and relates to these characters. He learns from our writings He changes from our writings The smile that appears on his lips owes to the writers of popular fiction The moisture in his eyes is also due to these writings. The writings of writers of popular fiction are as standard and non-standard as the works of non-fiction.
I have no qualms about the variety and novelty that Popover Connection writers have brought to their writing over the past 20 years. Those who created literature did not give it. Let me also say that in the critical and difficult stages of the history of nations, if literary creations prove to be a beacon, then in the 21st century Pakistan, this role will be played by the writings of popular fiction writers and not by literary works. Finally, thanks to Ilm and Irfan Publishers, whose hard work has brought this book to you

 Umira Ahmed

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